Transracial Family Coaching
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“What I remember most
about that first stop
was that he asked
“Where are you headed.”
Not “license, registration
and proof of insurance,
please” - but
“Where are you headed.”

“Chad is an invaluable resource to adoptive families, having the first-hand experience of growingup black with white parents. He has a friendly and approachable way of tackling difficult topics, and truly cares about the well-being of fellow adoptees and their families. Chad uses humor and self-disclosure to bring greater understand to the issues adoptees face.”
—Adoption Blogger/White AP of Two Black Boys

“Chad changed my life. He gave word and reason to feelings that I had but had never been able to process; and for the first time in my journey as an adoptee I didn't feel so profoundly alone. Chad is wise beyond his years, warm and witty and speaks to issues surrounding transracial adoption with great gentleness, authority and humor. He is a necessary resource for adoptive families of all kinds”
—Black Adult Adoptee

“Any parent whose adopted transracially, or who is thinking about adopting transracially, needs to hear Chad. I wish I could have many years ago.”
—White AP of an Adult Asian Son

“I am a white mother of an African American boy and I have found your other writings and input so helpful to me. I am desperately seeking more insight from you, as an adoptee yourself, who has lived this experience, so that I will have a better understanding of what to do, what NOT to do, how to understand things better, how to address things, how to help my son to be the most comfortable and well-adjusted child he can be, within the limitations of this family. I can't change my race - but I CAN change a lot of other things -and THAT is what I need to learn more about. Your experience is so meaningful and is priceless - and is very rare to find anywhere else.”
—White AP of Black Boy

“I wish I had known you years ago when my kids desperately needed someone with that credo! I wish I had read [your work] then to help me clarify our family experience! Thank you for it now!”
—White AP

“As a white mother to an Ethiopian daughter and a Haitian son, your insight is invaluable. You have a unique way of challenging us to think critically, see the perspectives and experiences of our black sons and daughters, and move beyond our fears and discomforts so that we can  be better parents and allies.”
—White AP

“I am a white adoptive mom to two black international adoptees. Resources about transracial adoption are typically written by adoptive parents. This [service] will provide the critical insight of an adult transracial adoptee. It is precisely what I need to help my children grow up secure andconfident in both their racial identity and their identity as adoptees.”
—White AP

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