Transracial Family Coaching
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“What I remember most
about that first stop
was that he asked
“Where are you headed.”
Not “license, registration
and proof of insurance,
please” - but
“Where are you headed.”

Possible Coaching Topics
Below are some suggested topics. If you’re interested in something else, send me an e-mail, and I’ll let you know if I’m qualified to coach on it.

  • Transracial Adoption
  • Fostering transracial identities in non-diverse communities.
  • Talking to Children about Race/Racism
  • Importance of Pre-Adoption Cultural Competency/ Tips
    and Strategies for Developing it
  • Transracial Identity Formation, Development, Maturation 101
  • Transracial Identity/Strategic Planning: Childhood
  • Transracial Identity/Strategic Planning: Adolescent
  • Transracial Identity/Strategic Planning: Young Adult
  • Multi-Identity /Construction/Development
  • Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Depression
    and the Transracial Adoptee
  • Being Black and Male in America Dangerous
    Until Proven Otherwise
  • White Privilege/Black Burdens
  • Mirror, Mirror the Importance of Seeing One’s Reflection
  • Impact of Honorary White Privileges and Protections
    on Transracial Adoptees
  • How to Foster Same Race Engagement
  • Whiteness and Blackness What Are They
    and Why is it Important
  • Tips and strategies for Navigating Schools
    and other Social Environments
  • Tips and strategies for Interacting with Law Enforcement
    and Other Authorities
  • Tips and strategies for Advocating/Intervening on Your Child’s Behalf
  • Tips and strategies for Dispensing Sensitive Birth Story Information
  • Tips and Strategies for Dealing with Racist Family, Teachers etc.
  • Parenting LGBT Transracial Adoptees/ LGBT Parents
    Raising Transracial Adoptees
  • Tips and strategies for addressing Transracial Family
    Specific Uncomfortable Situations
  • Discharge Planning -Preparing Your Child for life beyond
    the privileged and protective walls of white parentage


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