Transracial Family Coaching
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“What I remember most
about that first stop
was that he asked
“Where are you headed.”
Not “license, registration
and proof of insurance,
please” - but
“Where are you headed.”

Introduction to Newly Adoptive Parenting
Our newly adoptive parents course explores and addresses many of the unique obstacles and opportunities associated with parenting a child of another race, culture, or ethnicity. This course includes matters often overlooked by adoption agency led workshops, as well as matters which only arise once the transracial family is intact. This course will also provide participants with age appropriate insight, suggestions, and tools for developing healthy same-race identities in young children, as well as transition-specific tools and suggestions for those adopting older children.

During this course you will learn about:

  • Transracial Adoption
  • Multiple adoption readiness assessments
  • The importance of seeing color and the limitations of love
  • The importance of, and how to obtain, cultural competency
  • Creating and growing healthy and happy transracial families
  • Navigating schools, family, and other social environments
  • Coming-of-age non-white, in spaces where white is the default identity
  • The impact of honorary white privileges and protections on transracial adoptees
  • Dealing with diverse and conflicting experiences, not faced by same race families
  • How white skin preference operates systematically, structurally, and sometimes unconsciously as a dominant force in America

This five lesson experiential learning course consists of a combination of narratives, essays, exercises, assessments, and a forty-five minutes video/telephonic conference. The course is designed to approach the topics through multiple lenses, while drawing most heavily from the experiences, narratives, and scholarship of adult transracial adoptees.

Within twenty-four hours of your purchase you will receive a questionnaire. Once completed and returned, your first lesson will be sent. Each additional lesson will be sent out upon notification of completion of the prior lesson. The final lesson will be the video/telephonic conference. Though not a requirement, it is suggested students aim to complete courses within twelve weeks. Should you later decide to take additional courses, any duplicative lessons and/or takeaways, will be swapped out in favor of new topic specific materials.


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