Transracial Family Coaching
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Parents who adopt transracially— that is, adopt children of a race or ethnicity that is not their own—face many challenges. Perhaps the greatest one is that of shepherding their child through the complex minefield of same-race identity formation. This task is all the more difficult for transracial families coming-of-age in heavily or exclusively whites spaces. Transracial Family Coaching is born out a heartfelt desire to assist prospective and adoptive parents in identifying, understanding, and overcoming the inherent challenges and obstacles that come with creating and growing healthy and happy transracial families.

We Believe: Transracial adoption work best when adoptive parents come to thetable with a pre-existing level of cultural competency as it relates to the children they are interesting in adopting. This includes having had previous interaction withmembers of the child’s racial community.

We Believe: In order for transracial adoptees to form, develop, and mature healthy same-race identities, they must be afforded ongoing and continuous opportunities to encounter, engage, and immerse themselves in communities whichshare their racial and ethnic background.

We Believe: Race matters and encourage transracial families to engage in productive, meaningful, necessary, and even uncomfortable conversation around race. It has been our experience that avoiding these conversations is never in the family’s best interest.

We Believe: By creating transracial families you have made a deliberate choice to expose your family to conflicting and diverse experiences, not faced by same race families. In so much as these experiences create discomfort, the burden of bearing it rests primarily with the adoptive parents.

We Believe: When it comes to talking about race, culture, and privilege in America, the transracial adoptee is in a powerful and unique position, having lived on at least two sides of the many-sided racial divide and thus able to describe its contours more accurately than most anyone.

We Believe: White privilege is real and that, by virtue of adoption, transracial adoptees are afforded certain privileges and protections not afforded to children of color raised in homes of color.

We Believe: These privileges and protections have a limited shelf life. Therefore, it is critical that transracially adopted children be prepared for and supported in the transition from the privileged and protective walls of white parentage into a world for which these privileges and protections have most likely ill prepared them.

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